Il Principato di Seborga

Fourteen square kilometres, 362 inhabitants, one prince: here you have the identikit of the smallest and least known principality in the world, Seborga a state within a state behind Bordighera. To visit Seborga is a bit like going abroad: the local mint mints its own coins the “Luigino” (= six American Dollars), they stamp their own postal stamps, their car number plate has a crowned coat of arms and the initial S.B.

In 1995 on the occasion of the re-election for life of Prince George the anomalous independence of Seborga made the headlines, but it was thought to be a very good publicity stunt for tourist attraction. However British historians took it seriously as they have always recognised Seborga as the first Constitional Monarchy in the world.

IT originated in 954 and governed for centuries by Benedictine monks, in 1079 Seborga was consecrated Principality of the “Sacred Roman Empire”. It was bought by the Savoia Family but the deed was never registered... For the time being “The Capital” from the top of it 522 metres can dream about its independence and look enviously upon the Principality of Monaco-Montecarlo.


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