A work of art painted by a famous artist, enlarged thousands of times... Laying upon the water, framed by hills, woods and olive groves. This is the impression that the village of Dolceacqua makes on first impact to whoever comes along the provincial road coming into the Nervia Valley. These same feeling must have been felt by the impressionist painter Claude Monet, who falling in love with the place portrayed many times on canvas this corner of west Liguria. The Nervia River divides the village into two parts, one part took the name “TERRA” (earth), were the primitive structure originated.

The other “BORGO”, the two parts are linked to each other by a medieval bridge shaped much like a donkey’s back, exceptionally light and harmonious, measuring 33 metres long. The houses of the village are dominated by the castle built by the Doria family in the 12th century: at first it was used only as a fortress to protect the strategic position of the place, but it was later transformed into a luxurious fortified residence whit its rooms finely painted by Cambiaso.

Today of the castle can be seen its massive external structure, the towers, crenels battlements and you can enjoy a vertiginous view on the rocky precipice over the river. The village is today an active touristic centre where the reasons of interest are not only in its exquisite wine “Rossese of Dolceacqua” but in the many artistic handicraft shops doted in its “carugi”. With the oil produced with olive from its own olive groves. In the traditional high quality of its menus. To conclude, in the quality of life and environment.


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