Castel Vittorio

Castelvittorio strategically positioned on a spur of rock on the approach road of the upper end of the Nervia Valley. Seen from the south-point it presents itself as a wedged shaped structure, suspended in the middled of the woods. It has very tall houses barricaded one against the other, traditional “carugi” (cobbled streets) and alleys under the houses.

As with all medieval Ligurian villages the houses were authentic personal fortresses against the Saracen’s invasions. The church spire dominates this compact village and forms the urban pivot around which develops in concentric circles of houses the most ancient nucleus of the village. Surrounded by centuriesold woods of chestnut trees, Castelvittorio offers the possibility of relaxing walks in absolute tranquility, for anyone who is keen, the picking of mushrooms and forest fruits. Vast panoramic views towards the sea at heights of about 2000 meters.


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