Perinaldo is situated on a splendid ridge 572 metres above sea level and it looks down onto a natural amphitheatre covered by centuries old olive groves,intercalated with fields of broom, mimosa and vineyards, as well as allowing you to see as far as the sea. The view you enjoy from here as though looking over a balcony extends itself from the mountains Bignone, Ceppo, Toraggio, Pietravecchia, Grai and as far the sea.

Perinaldo, is the birth-place of Gian Domenico Cassini, astronomer called to the court of the Sun King Luis XIV to take care of the “Observatoire Royal in Paris”. Cassini is mainly linked to the discovery of four of Saturn’s satellites and the division between the rings of it.

For this reason and other numerable and fundamental discoveries the mission NASA/ESA is dedicated to Cassini with the aim to explore Saturn’s system and to leave the space probe Huygens on Titano, its biggest satellite. With its magnificent clear starry sky it invites you to visit its Astronomical Observatory equipped with two telescopes available to the public and its astronomic itinerary, an original unique visit.


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