I Giardini Hanbury

I18 hectares of park containing plants from all over the world left to grow freely and naturally to comply with the needs of each and linking them together in a way as to create a climate favourable to each variety. This floral park was created in the nineteenth century by a wealthy English Lord who had made his money from the trade of silk and tea with the Middle East. His yacht is still at Cape Mortola, not far from Ventimiglia.

A casual approach which then became a way of life; Sir Hambury together with his wife and brother Daniel became in fact one of the many British people to fall in love with this strip of the Riviera. He, there fore, within a few years transformed a headland over-grown with myrtle into a splendid park, crammed with thousands of plants imported from the five continents.

In the lower part of the garden is still evident a stretch of the Roman road, via Julia Augusta.


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