Centre of social life, its most famous building is the Casino, built in 1905, uncontested domain of gambling tables, roulettes and modern slot machines. The Casino, symbol of the town on its postcards is the focal point for a walk to discover the Liberty styled buildings scattered around Sanremo. Frequent and select its manifestations and shows, world famous, the Festival della Canzone Italiana, began in 1951 and today considered the best of its kind. Quality shopping in the elegant boutiques and shops along the roads, streets of the town centre and new port, Portosole.

Many buildings of the Belle Epoque can be seen along the coast and in the town centre. Corso degli Inglesi is a continuos course of splendid Liberty and Eclectic buildings. Villa Nobel is one of the most interesting and fascinating spots in Sanremo, here, the famous Swedish Scientist, inventor of dynamite lived out the last years of his life. The visit not only reveals the way of life of the rich guests in the Sanremo Villas in the later part of the nineteenth century but enable you to view Nobel’s private rooms such as his laboratory, bedroom and study.

Worthy of interest is the “old town” of Sanremo “La Pigna” with its houses built one on top of the other, a testimony of the past. Sanremo is also “the town of flowers” its owes a great part of its riches and economical well-being to its floriculture. Green-houses dominate its panorama and the floricultural sector numbers about two thousand productive firms as well as numerous export firms.


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