Baiardo is practically a village in the mountains, where the chestnut trees give way to the pine trees, it is a balcony over the Nervia Valley and the Ligurian Alps. Built on top of a spur of rock at a height of 910 metres. It concentrates in itself all the values of an archaic rural Liguria, given to mountain tourism, where the famous writer Italo Calvino loved to stay.

The village is recuperating its most ancient nucleus destroyed by the tremendous earthquake on 23rd February 1887: here cats fleet around like ghost among the old stones of the houses and of the church of San Nicolò which has the sky as its roof and grass for its floor. Symbol of the re-construction is the new parish church of San Nicolò consecrated in 1893, built in only six years.

The small village picture gallery hosts works by contemporary artists, while in the Palazzo Comunale you can admire a wooden crucifix dating back to the 14th century.


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