Built high up on a peak that overhangs onto a narrow side valley, a bit more upstream from Dolceacqua, is another of the “rock villages” (as they were called by the English tourists at the beginning of the twentieth century): Apricale. A little bit higher, a little bit smaller than its colleague further down the valley but having similar characteristics regarding environment, architecture, history and humanitarian. Here also is a castle, its feudal history is identical under Dorian rule, similar are its stone alleys which pass under the ancient houses. Here also does art play a large part, in the artistic handicraft shops, on the painted murals, and in the open air theatre in summer. They are similar in their traditional cookery, with their extra virgin olive oil, original desserts and good quality wine.

It is certainly not just by chance that many foreign people have bought houses, settled themselves in these villages to enjoy the quality of life in this valley, a quality officially established by the fact that Dolceacqua and Apricale belong to the two most prestigious touring societies: they are members of the Society for the most beautiful villages in Italy and have the Orange Flag of the Italian Touring Club.


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