Diving, snorkeling and marine excursions
For those who want to experience the thrill of the deep, Imperia offers programs for experienced divers and for those who for the first time want to approach this fascinating sport. Opportunity to discover a completely different habitat from ours, made of silence, respect and harmony.
The diving centers of the area organize every day for divers of different levels single or double immersion throughout the day or full day with lunch on board.
PADI courses are organized.

Sea - Sailing
Sailing is definitely one of the most fascinating ways of living the sea; many clubs offer sailing courses for all ages starting from 8 years. For those who are just curious and want to try boats can be hired with skipper for an “educational” trip.

Sport fishing
A full day or half day of trolling fishing with live bait. An exciting hunt for a unique and unforgettable day with the taste of a Hemingway novel.

Liguria is a real paradise for cyclists with its constant ups and downs in the middle of the country where suddenly reappears the sea or a small church. The scent of the vegetation and the colors of an uncontaminated nature complete the picture: the perfect recipe to leave behind the stress. Camping delle Rose Rose will recommend the most charming and characteristic itineraries.

Detailed trekking programs can be found at Camping delle Rose: every level and packed lunch or in a farmhouse. The perfect setting to enjoy the exuberance of nature in Liguria. The area is full of routes suitable for everybody.

From easy limestone wall to cliffs on the sea, to granite for most experienced. To reach really unforgettable views.

Liguria offers a number of sites from which "take flight". Paragliding is the simplest way to try the thrill of the flight using only the movement of air. Many centers give lssons and free flight tests with highly qualified instructors.

Canyoning – Rafting
The area is full of streams where practicing rafting, Camping delle Rose will indicate the best routes. Of particular interest are the itinerraies of the Roya Valley, the Balzi Rossi at the Italian-French borde, which are a natural museum with several caves, open in the walls of rock that falls to the sea. In Rocchetta Nervina you can canyoning on the winding and picturesque river Barbaira

Whale Whatching
Liguria is in the center of the triangle of cetaceans and is therefore one of the most important area for the sighting of these animals. There are many species of cetaceans, from common whale to sperm whale to many species of dolphins. From Porto Maurizio (Imperia) every day boats for the sighting of cetaceans in their natural environment. The excursions last about 5 hours.

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