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The story of Camping delle Rose begins in 1969 when Flora inherited by his grandfather Peitavino Fortunato the lands of Prati di Goutè (which take their name from their uniqueness to be a flat area in a valley), helped by her husband Pinuccio, decided that this was the ideal place to create a camping, because surrounded by a lush and intact Mediterranean vegetation, a characteristic maintained still nowadays.

Here mountain air meets with the sea air, that’s the reason for the good summer climate which characterizes the camping. In fact grandfather Fortunato, naturalist and pioneer of modern theories related to the benefits resulting from contact with nature, chose this location to create a special structure for children so they could enjoy fresh air and good food.

The two pools built later (in 1975) to entertain guests, are still the pride of the camping. In these typically ligurian countries, the couple soon began the new activity with Flora in the kitchen of the restaurant and Pinuccio in the camping, dealing with the bar and preparing delicious pizzas cooked in the wood fired oven.

Today the camping is run by Lorena (daughter of Flora and Pinuccio), her husband Mauro, who has inherited the skill of Pinuccio to prepare the pizzas and to entertain guests with live music, and his son Lorenzo who is responsible for accommodation, maintenance of swimming pools and website.

All together have managed to preserve, despite the continuing improvements to the facility, yet those values of simplicity and naturalness of the past, that make unique in the area Camping delle Rose.

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